What Is My Home Worth?

Choices I Provide To Price Your Home

Broker Assisted - Automated CMA

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The broker-assisted automated CMA is the quicker method of the two, but not as reliable; however, it should be on average superior to valuations seen on popular websites since it is not just an automated process. I enhance this process as the broker by reviewing the analysis first before releasing it to you to be sure the best comparable properties are in the analysis.

My role is to add and subtract comps when necessary to optimize the "broker-assistant" automated CMA (comparable market analysis). 

To get your broker assisted CMA just 

click on the "Get My Home Valuation-CMA" button below. The CMA request only goes to me and you only need to enter the address for the CMA and your email address.

I'm a Broker/Agent & Past Appraiser


On March 7th, 2014, I left the appraisal profession to become a full-time real estate broker.

I was sole owner/manager - I was responsible for all phases of business ownership from performing appraisal work to marketing my business. I worked as an independent licensed and certified fee-based appraiser for 11 years (when including my 3.5-year apprenticeship in Park City, Utah with Kevin Weed at Resort Appraisal). I specialized in mountain, semi-rural and resort property appraisal; however, I appraised a much wider variety of locations and kinds of residential homes and land.

Working as a Colorado residential appraiser, I covered the areas I do now as a broker/agent with the exception that I do not cover the Summit County resort areas. Otherwise, as an agent for buyers and sellers, I do cover neighborhoods from the Continental Divide to Denver, north to Boulder and south to Douglas County.

 I spent over 40,000 hours working as an appraiser and learning about what drives value in so many different neighborhoods. My experience allows me to go into such diverse areas and value and service them ongoing as a broker/agent.

Leo Sweating The Details - CMA


The only way to have accurate pricing of what your home is worth in today’s market is to have me look it over and learn of all it’s details inside and outside. 

I only offer this service when someone is using me to market their home. It's best to start with the broker assisted automated CMA linked elsewhere on this page.

While I used to be a full-time certified appraiser for eleven years before becoming a full-time broker/agent March of 2014, what I provide is not an “appraisal.” It is still a CMA (Comparable Market Analysis); however, it is done by me using my experienced judgment. It is more detailed than typical CMA’s.

The topic of pricing property and marketing a property to leverage its most valuable assets and features is very broad and complex topic. My job is to make the process of marketing and selling your home simple and effective while maximizing your net return on the sale.

I’m not a one size fits all kind of person. I don’t treat people that way, and I don’t market their property that way.

To arrange a free no-obligation home-sale consultation which would allow me to gather information for pricing and to discuss your objectives and any preparations you would like to discuss that may be needed before listing your home for sale, please click the button below or click the contact tab above.