Sell Your Condo For a Low Listing Fee - List with Leo!

Promotion for Lakewood & Golden Colorado

Here's how it works!

Brokerage fees should always negotiable; however, I will spare you the need to negotiate a great deal. For a limited time, I will outright offer to list your condominium unit with a full marketing package under a full-service listing agreement for a 1.5% listing fee. That alone could easily save you many thousands of dollars!  There is also a commission rebate to reduce the total commission percentage on the sell side by 0.5% if you close on both a purchase and sale with me as your agent within a 12-month period. Read below for more details. 


  • If you use me as your agent to also purchase property within 6 months of closing the sale, I will rebate the equivalent of 0.5% of your listing fee percentage.  The sale and purchase can occur in any order or simultaneously; however, the rebate occurs after both closings have been completed. 
  • The "listing fee" is the fee that is paid to my office, which is the listing office (Real Broker, LLC), and does not include a fee paid to the buyer's agent office, so if the buyer uses an agent in the purchase, they need to be well compensated so we get the most leverage from our marketing efforts. This deal requires the buyer's agent (if there is one) to be well compensated. 
  • If I bring in the buyer, and they don't use an agent, then there is a 1% fee added to the listing fee for bringing in the buyer and servicing the buyer in the purchase.
  • This special rate applies only to condominium and townhome complexes of 20 units and larger within Lakewood and Golden, Colorado (my local area).
  • This offer is a limited-time promotion and subject to change.
  • The minimum listing fee is $3000 (this does not factor in a potential rebate if there is both buy and sell closings within 12 months).
  • Why?  Because the scope of work for doing a full service listing on a condo is on average much less than a detached house. I offer no less service. It's just simpler to list a condo and I'm willing to pass that savings on to the seller.

So what do you get listing your condo with Leo?


  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) professional photography to showcase your home in the best way!
  • Full Marketing - Your Local Realtor MLS (ReColorado),, Zillow, Trulia,, Denver Post , Nextdoor, among others. It will be shared with other brokerage websites through IDX (Internet Data Exchange).
  • An Internet Property Website for each Listing with a video tour and means to assist buyer inquiries through (very popular among agents nationwide).
  • Open Houses or No Open Houses - according to what works best for you.
  • A free consultation when visiting your property, which covers a discussion of your property, what makes it special from a marketing standpoint, its condition and any past remodel and updates.  My suggestions for any needed preparations prior to sale and taking note of your objectives, timeline, and matters importance to you.
  • The home consultation will allow me to gather information so I can provide a pricing recommendation (a pricing range and strategy) that isn't just computer generated. I have 15 years of experience valuing residential property to the market. The price and pricing strategy is ultimately your decision - My job is to explain how I would do so if it were my home and what different strategies can be employed effectively for your property with current market conditions.
  • The ongoing maintenance of your home's marketing professional package and any changes or enhancements to the marketing when and where needed.
  • I will work hard as your agent to represent your interests in negotiations and in all dealings with the public consistent with your goals and objectives.
  • By the way, I do business over a large area of Colorado, so there is a good chance I can help you as your agent with both the sell and buy sides of a move within Colorado.

How about selling land or a detached house?


  • I will consider competing with any full-service broker for any residential property, whether in regard to the listing fee or what is provided under a full-service listing or both.  As a normal practice, if you use me on closing both a purchase and sale, I offer a 1% reduction or rebate to the listing fee percentage on the sell-side commission. I don't cut corners - top tier quality and using cutting edge methods and technology is always my primary directive in marketing in a full service listing. I only work with reputable professionals where needed to provide the marketing package needed. I also have the resources of a New York City design team at Real Broker, LLC.