Wood Walking Path-Guanella Pass.

Home hazards in Colorado are both human created hazards combined with geological hazards and soil instability.  RADON – Radon is a common radioactive hazard for the interior of homes in Colorado that should be checked and mitigated if necessary due to naturally occurring uranium underground; particularly, in the mountain areas. Continue Reading

Trail-Riding In High Country Wilderness

Horses buying land and horse property in Colorado (and their owners) need to know a few quirky things about Colorado well rights! It isn’t fun being a thirsty horse on land with a well registered without horse Well rights, even if you drink Dos Equus; because you can’t take aContinue Reading

Silver Lake, Winterland, CO

The St. Mary’s Glacier neighborhood is named after the Glacier, and hiking destination, that sits on a mountain top at the northern border. The neighborhood has different names and different phases/parts. It goes by St. Mary’s (for short), Alice, Winterland and Idaho Springs (mailing address).  Alice dates back to itsContinue Reading

Small house-desk-map-computer

Overbuilding and underbuilding land for a new home may result in a bad investment. Know this basic rule before buying land for new homes. This rule is a common benchmark for single-family home construction and which varies somewhat by location and whether market prices are increasing or declining. Seasoned builders understandContinue Reading

Leo Swoyer's Coverage Map

Buying Homes and Land in the Mountain Neighborhoods west of Denver   Many people I encounter are interested in buying homes and land in the mountain neighborhoods west of Denver within a 40 to 60-minute one-way commute to metropolitan Denver. In this post, I am providing a brief overview ofContinue Reading

York Gulch Rd

~The Little Cabin on Old Stage Rd, Idaho Springs~   I traveled up winding dirt and gravel roadsTall fir trees flanking and standing at attentionElevation gaining to opening green mountain meadowsNorth of Idaho Springs I arrived in peaceful reflection It was sunny and I could see the snow-capped mountains of the divideBeyondContinue Reading