Leo Swoyer

Real estate is complicated. My mission is, as a real estate agent and a former appraiser, to provide guidance that is often lacking with other agents.

Principally, I obtained my experience in real estate over the past 17-years, which includes 11-years working full-time valuing homes and land as a licensed and certified real estate appraiser and over 5-years as a broker/agent. I have a unique set of skills to keep my buyer-clients informed and to ensure they avoid the many landmines that exist in the process of vetting, negotiating for, and acquiring a house or parcel of land. For this reason, I work mostly with first-time buyers.

While I work mostly to help buyers, I have also successfully marketed property. For selling and marketing real estate, I draw on my years of training working in a small boutique firm locally.  I also enjoy finding the right marketing angles and writing advertising materials.

I’m based in Green Mountain and help mostly with property along the foothills and mountain communities.

"I am grateful to have the opportunity to help my clients. I never take their trust for granted. For me it is a great responsibility to provide the highest level of service possible while accomplishing their goals to the highest standards. I don't pass my client's off to others, or a transaction coordinator. I am always the central point of contact for my clients, and I am available to them 7 days per week."
Leo Swoyer
Leo A Swoyer