Leo Swoyer - Face Shot

As a Lakewood Real Estate Agent, my mission is to provide careful guidance to buyers rather than a sales pitch and marketing expertise to sellers.

Principally, I obtained my experience in real estate over the past 20-years, which includes 11-years working full-time valuing homes and land as a licensed and certified real estate appraiser and over 8-years as a broker/agent.

I am uniquely qualified to keep my buyer-clients informed to ensure they avoid the many landmines that exist in vetting, negotiating for, and acquiring a house or parcel of land. I draw on my years of training working in a small boutique firm locally to sell and market real estate for my seller-clients. I enjoy finding the right marketing angles and writing advertising materials. When writing marketing copy, my valuation and brokerage experience informs me what is most valuable and attractive to the buying public in a specific market to highlight them most effectively and help you achieve the highest price for your property. I’m also well versed in effectively handling and providing guidance with multiple offers and unique properties.

Please call me or let me know a good time to contact you to discuss your needs. My direct phone number is 720-933-1968.